Selection Process

How does the selection process work?

In order to identify the most promising candidates, faculty members of the research school and the Coordination Office participate in a multistep selection procedure as outlined below. In general, applicants will be evaluated based on their academic qualification, aptitude for research, achievements, motivation, scientific background and the letters of recommendation.

1. First round of selection

Complete applications will be reviewed after the application deadline and a first selection will be made. During the first and second review process, we may give you a call or arrange a Zoom interview to further discuss your application, your interests and your future plans.

2. Second round of selection

Applicants that successfully have passed the first round of selection will be reviewed thoroughly and independently by three faculty members of the research school. Your application will likely be reviewed by faculty members that you have listed in your preference list or by faculty members working in your favorite research field.

3. Subsequent selection steps

The most promising candidates will be invited to participate in subsequent seletion steps:

  • Invited candidates will have an online panel interview with the selection committee (in December). Candidates who have sucessfully passed the online panel interview will be invited for individual interviews.
  • On-site individual interviews with faculty members of the research school (i.e. potential supervisors) in Munich (in February) including lab visits. IMPRS-ML will cover travel expenses and accommodation for the trip to Munich.

To get accepted to the school candidates need to

  • perform well in the panel interview and
  • establish a match with a supervisor who will offer the candidate a position in his/her group

4. Final decision

The selection committee will finally approve the established matches between candidates and supervisors and will accept those candidates to the IMPRS-ML. Accepted students may start their research project anytime between March 01 and October 01 (with prior consultation of the supervisor). Official start of the program is October 01 each year.

5. Verification of international degrees

Academic degrees issued in foreign countries will have to be approved by the admissions and registration office of the university that will award the doctoral degree (normally either Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) or Technische Universität München (TUM)). The Coordination Office will assist accepted students in these procedures.

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